About Us


Sciencetech Inc. has been designing and manufacturing optical spectroscopic instruments and solar simulators in Canada since 1985. Sciencetech makes a special effort to be a good employer, a socially responsible institution and a productive part of Canadian Society. and justice.


Sciencetech instruments have been used in many applications and fields including:

  • medical research
  • solar energy
  • biotechnology
  • space sciences
  • analytical chemistry
  • materials research
  • pharmacology
  • applied physics
  • drug discovery
  • physics
  • aerospace
  • food sciences
  • drug discovery
  • cosmology
  • photodynamic therapy
  • security
  • environmental sciences
  • pollution detection and control
  • academic research


During the past 33 years, we have supplied spectroscopic instruments, among them, solar simulators, far infrared Terahertz spectroscopy systems, photovoltaic testing equipment, and custom made instruments to distinguished institutions around the world.


Many of Sciencetech's past product developments have succeeded in satisfying very special researchers’ demands and marketplace needs. To quote only a short list, the oil industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the medical device industry are among the fields most successfully influenced by Sciencetech’s instrumentation today. Sciencetech tends to use its low-volume manufacturing facilities to produce the first tens or hundreds of instruments/year required for regulatory mandatory testing or market introduction. We guide our clients through the new product market introduction stages. When large volume manufacturing is required, Sciencetech supplies the information, knowledge, and technical assistance that may be required.