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Many years at the helm of the fast-growing Qatar Scientific Company ‘QSC’ has been rewarding and the most fun in my life. Together, with our dedicated team, we have developed from a small organization to a highly recognized and commercially driven company providing world-class products for the market in Qatar (Doha) that solve and serve real customer needs. I am extremely proud of the QSC team efforts to not only meet, but also exceed, our customers’ expectations in a time of rapid expansion.

Since inception, QSC has been in the business of delivering innovative analytical instruments, solutions and informatics to assist scientists in reaching their scientific goals, increase productivity, and earn laboratory-based organizations a higher return on their investments in research, development and quality control, supported by our principals such as the WATERS Corporation, Merck MILLIPORE, STARLIMS, Autogen, Inc. and many more.

QSC has rapidly evolved in the field of Genomics, Molecular Biology and related Biosciences. Every day, new scientific and technological discoveries shape our understanding of the world and unlock important new business opportunities. QSC recognizes the potential of these opportunities and is taking action to translate this new knowledge into supply, support and partnerships with its customers; in conjunction with continuous support from WATERS Corporation, STARLIMS, RAINDANCE Technologies and many others….

Our current progress in corporate responsibility constitutes the steps along a journey, accelerated by our unwavering commitment to expand access to Healthcare, Analytical, Nano Science and the Informatics sector. We work towards true environmental, safety, technological and social sustainability; employ a diverse workforce that values collaboration and operates with the highest standards of integrity. By staying focused on technological innovations and responsible business practices, we expect to continue making great strides, both in partnership with many world-class principals, whilst delivering value to our shareholders, customers and patients. We know that our ability to advance Human Health, Informatics and Energy Efficiency owes much to listening and working with others who share the same goal. We welcome you to join us on this path toward a healthier future.



Nadia Abu Hijleh


Qatar Scientific Company