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BIOCRATES Life Sciences AG offers unique solutions for targeted, quantitative and quality-controlled metabolic phenotyping (“Deep Phenotyping”). Our mass spectrometry-based assays are marked by unprecedented accuracy and precision, thus providing a comprehensive and predictive understanding of phenotypes and metabolic pathways. Our metabolomics solutions set a new level of standardized data processing, exchange, and storage, which can readily meet the rigorous demands of various disciplines such as life sciences, personalized medicine, clinical research, nutrition research, and pharmaceutical drug development.

The core technology is triple quadrupole mass spectrometry, which permits identification and quantification of a wide range of relevant biological molecule classes in a variety of samples, ranging from blood and serum to cells and tissues. Individualized lab services offer metabolic pathway analysis for more than 600 analytes.

New found results from the field of metabolomics have the potential to revolutionize the understanding of complex human disease, clinical diagnostics, molecular mechanisms and biological pathways.

We have developed and established a metabolomics platform technology which enables systematic quantification of many classes of relevant biological metabolites in cells, tissues, or body fluids. The technology comprises an automated sample preparation workflow integrated with sensitive mass-spectrometric methods as well as a tailor-made software solution (MetIDQ Software) which controls sample management, data collection, data validation, and analysis. Many hundred of metabolites can be identified and quantified using this novel technology platform.
Our technology platform offers MS-based LC-, FIA-MS/MS and GC-MS quantification of metabolites through multiple reaction monitoring (MRM), employing triple quadrupole state of the art mass spectrometers. We have established effective metabolite extraction methods and standardized sample preparation.

Determining the Phenotype
BIOCRATES products provide predictive insights into pathways and processes of the body
Metabolic phenotypes can be measured by targeted quantification of endogenous metabolites, whereas the essence of metabolic phenotyping is accurate metabolic measurement. Biocrates Kits permit precise quantification of hundreds of endogenous metabolites of different classes. Absolute concentrations are obtained and metabolic pathways are mapped. The solutions set a new level of standardized processing, exchange, and storage of data, which enables researchers to compare their results across their labs and beyond.

The products are applicable for in depth investigations in many fields of basic and applied research:

  • Animal models of Disease
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Central Nervous System Disorders
  • Diabetes/ Metabolism
  • Endocrinology & Fertility
  • Genetics/Transomics
  • Inflammation and Immune Response
  • Kidney Disease
  • Liver Disease
  • Methodology
  • Nutrition
  • Oncology
  • Pharmaceutical research

Research Products
AbsoluteIDQ® p150 Kit: The world’s first ms-based metabolomics kit
Identification and quantification of more than 160 metabolites from 4 different compound classes

AbsoluteIDQ® p180 Kit: The most extensive metabolite assay in the market
Identification and quantification of more than 180 metabolites from 5 different compound classes

AbsoluteIDQ® Stero17 Kit: Comprehensive steroid profiles from a single sample
Simultaneous identification and quantification of 17 steroid hormones (3 classes: sex steroids, mineralocorticoids, glucocorticoids)

AbsoluteIDQ® Steroid Reagents: Steroid Analysis made quick and easy
Customizable identification and quantification of up to 17 steroid hormones

Diagnostic Products
SteroIDQ® Kit: Experience the power of multiplexing steroid hormones
The SteroIDQ Kit is the first CE-marked IVD-test for simultaneous quantitative analysis of 16 steroid hormones.

An integral part of the AbsoluteIDQ® Kits, the MetIDQ™ Software package processes and analyzes your metabolomics data—from project setup to the biological interpretation of measurement data. MetIDQ has the flexibility to work within all laboratory environments, the rigor to manage the most complex data, and the finesse to turn them into powerful clinical knowledge.