About Us


Founded in 1989, Gamry Instruments designs and builds precision electrochemical instrumentation and accessories. Gamry believe that instruments should achieve a balance between performance and cost and strive for innovative designs, superior support from their own in-house electrochemical experts, and fair pricing. Solving the needs of customers comes first and foremost at Gamry. By stressing innovation, performance, and reliability, Gamry insure that their instruments meet your needs both today and in the future. Gamry’ highly educated support staff and electrochemists are available to discuss your applications, assist you with data analysis, or just offer advice on how to make the most out of your Gamry.

Sub Heading:

From start Gamry have created instruments with uncommon value and performance. Their ground-breaking, in a personal computer design, made computer controlled potentiostats more available than ever. Gamry’ software was the first to be available on Microsoft™ Windows, and allowed unprecedented customization of the experiments using EXPLAIN™, our experimental control language. Utilizing state of the art digital signal processing, they were the first instrument company to use sub-harmonic sampling on our full line of instruments. This technology allows Gamry instruments to make Electrochemical Impedance measurements without the need for additional hardware. In addition to exceptional performance, attention to physical instrument design was given. They maximized the use of surface mount components with state of the art circuit board layout to minimize instrument size and increase long term reliability. All of Gamry’s instruments are also ecologically friendly.

Gamry is also a full line supplier of electrochemical cells and accessories. Cells like the Dr. Bob’s cell and the Jacketed Euro cell offer versatility and value. Our in-house design team allows us to create accessories like our unique Faraday cage with stir/purge option.

Gamry Instruments designs and manufactures a variety of electrochemical instrumentation and accessories designed to fit your needs and budget. Their main divisions being:

Potentiostats, Software, Accessories, Cells, eQCM 10M Quartz Crystal Microbalance, DigiElch Electrochemical Simulation Software, FC350 Fuel Cell Impedance Monitor, Spectro-115E/U