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Clinical diagnostics is the way doctors diagnose patients. They use a variety of clinical testing, medical history and their examination of the patient to make a conclusion about what is wrong with them.

Patient History

  • Doctors can use a patient's medical history to group together symptoms or signs that a disease might be present. If a patient has presented with the same symptom on more than one occasion, this may enable the doctor to consider a certain disease.


  • A doctor might physically examine the patient, searching for any physical signs of disease or illness, and investigating the patient's complaint. This could involve taking temperature and blood pressure, measuring the pulse and listening to the heart or other organs.

Clinical Testing

  • If a physical examination is not sufficient, a doctor may attempt to make his diagnosis using various testing methods. This could involve blood tests or urine tests, X-rays, CT or MRI scans to see where the problem lies.

Healthcare in Qatar is made up of a combination of free treatment at government health facilities, on presentation of a Health Card, and private medical practice, many of which are staffed by English-speaking doctors. Although the government healthcare system is of a high standard, many western expatriates opt for private healthcare, due to the fact that most have some form of private medical insurance.

Qatar has an opportunity to create a health care system that will provide the most effective and advanced health care to its people and to become a model for the world to follow. The heart of Qatar’s strategic vision for the future is helping people achieve their full potential, thereby benefiting the individuals, their families, the community and the nation. A healthy people served by an outstanding well-managed, health care system are essential to success and to achieving His and Her Highness’s vision for Qatar’s future.