About Us
Can I see product pricing on your website?
We do not show prices for our products on the website. Please email your enquiry to info@qsneoscience.com and we will reply with our latest prices.
Do you keep a stock of Reagents and Supplies?
We do keep stock of Reagents (subject to shelf life) and Supplies locally. Please contact us on info@qsneoscience.com with your requirement.
Do you hold a stock of spares and consumables?
We keep stock of spares and consumables. We have back-up units for Total Insurance Service Plans.
Can I download a catalogue from your website?
We don’t provide a downloadable catalogue as products are updated and new products are introduced frequently. Our online catalogue is updated daily and we also provide links to Manufacturers' websites are shown so that you can download eth latest brochure' For details regarding prices, please email your enquiry to info@qsneoscience.com'
Do you offer educational discounts for students or educators?
We provide educational discounts for students and universities for research and study projects.
Can we send you samples to be analyzed by certified lab?
We are currently working with DNA Link Lab and will be able to receive your request after proper qualification of your samples.
Do you have informatics support for Genomics, Metabolic, Proteomics etc..?
We are currently working with StarLIMS – a company with 25 years of experience working with hundreds of laboratories in the public health, environmental, petrochemical, forensic, pharmaceutical, clinical and diagnostic sectors.
Do you have a list of references for equipment you have installed and tested ?
We have detailed references for equipment installed in GCC and Middle East for the majority of manufacturers. These can be provided upon request.
Do you offer After Sales Service Support?
We have 3 types of after sales service support, for details please refer to our Service Plans section.
Do you provide qualification and validation services for your supplied equipment’s ?
Yes we provide qualification and validation services using certified standard materials and calibration equipment’s
Do you provide application assistance for your customers ?
Yes we provide a complete applications assistance for our customers through complete support from our instruments suppliers.