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Hospital Information Management System (HMS)

Quanta HIS module has options like Admin, Insurance, OPD, IPD, Billing, Patient Registration, OT and Reports. Quanta patient registration module contains all patient details , which are used for patient insurance claims processing, registered patients can get a membership card. They are sent updates through email and SMS. And options like doctor’s appointment, patient registration, billing, insurance, reports and admin are available in the OPD module

• Registration & Reception Module 

• EMR Module

• IPD Module

• OT Module

• Billing and Payment Module

• Insurance Module

• Pathology Module

• Radiology Module

• PACS Module

• Patient Module

• Procurement Module

• Pharmacy Module

• Housekeeping Module

• Nurse Module

• CSSD Module

• Kitchen Module

• Vehicle management module

• Help Desk Module

• Equipment Maintenance Module

• Diet Management