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Waters OMICS Seminarborder

Qatar Scientific Company (QSC), in collaboration with Waters Corporation, hosted a seminar on "Bringing discoveries from Omics science into the clinical environment and how this will change the shape of both clinical decision making and healthcare policy over the coming decades" on Monday, 09th December 2013. The Key Speakers and their topics were:

Prof. Robert Plumb,

Visiting Professor, Faculty of Medicine

Imperial College, London, UK

Topic: A High-Throughput Platform for Metabolic Phenotyping using UPLC/QTOF and Multi-Variate Statistics

Prof. Jeremy K. Nicholson,

Head Of Department Surgery & Cancer,

Imperial College, London, UK

Topic: Spectroscopy and Systems Medicine: Towards Molecular Mapping the Personalised Patient Journey


Dr James Langridge,

Life Science Director,

Waters, Manchester, UK

Topic: Developments in LC-MS Technology and Bioinformatics


Dr Zoltan Takats,

Reader In Medical Mass Spectrometry,

Imperial College, London, UK

Topic: Metabolic Phenotyping: From Urine to Intelligent Surgical Devices